Event information
    Unhyeongung reenacts the royal wedding of Joseon
   Dynasty's King Gojong and Myeongseonghwanghu
   twice every year in the spring and fall. This event
   provides visitors an opportunity to learn traditional
   Korean culture, especially wedding tradition.

    The royal wedding ceremony of Joseon Dynasty consists of bisuchaekyi (妃受册儀), in which the queen
   receives a wedding request from the king, and chinyeongyi (親迎儀), in which the king receives the queen as
   his wife.

Event Summery




 2 Pm April 18 (Sat) / 2 Pm September 19 (Sat) 2015


 Unhyeongung Stage


 Royal Wedding Ceremony of King Gojong and Myeongseonghwanghu

Time line

 14:00 ~ 14:30  Opening event
 14:30 ~ 15:00  Bisuchaek ceremony
 15:00 ~ 15:15  Royal dance
 15:15 ~ 15:45  Bride reception ceremony by the groom
General Royal Wedding Procedures
    ㆍ Napchae(納采) – The proposal ceremony of the king. The king sends his messenger to a special palace
       where the selected future queen stays and delivers his formal proposal to her.
    ㆍ Napjing(納徵) –A ceremony that sends jewelry to the future queen by messenger as a sign that indicates
       that marriage is promised.
    ㆍ Gog (告期) – A ceremony to celebrate the wedding date is decided by the court and to notify the queen
       who is staying in a special palace
    ㆍ Chaekbi(冊妃) – The queen's installation ceremony in the court and the ceremony through which the queen
       receives that installation that is sent by the messenger to her special palace
    ㆍ Chinyeong(親迎) – A ceremony in which the king goes to the special palace where the future queen is
       staying and brings her to the court
    ㆍ Dongroe(同牢) – A ceremony in which the king and queen bow to each other, share wine and food, and
       have their first night together
The process of Queen Myeongseong becoming queen
   On January 1st, 1866 (Byeongin year, 3rd year of King Gojong), the Queen Grandmother ordered the prohibition
   of wedding ceremonies for commoners' daughters that are aged twelve to seventeen. On January 16, 1866,
   she named the special palace, Unhyeon Palace, and ordered its renovation. On February 25, 1866, there was
   a queen selection ceremony in Junghidang(重熙堂) of Changdeokgung and five queen nominees were
   selected. On February 29, during the second screening, three queen nominees were selected. On March 7,
   1866, it was announced that the daughter of Min Chirok would be the queen. On March 9th, Napchaerae (納采
   禮) was performed, on March 11th, Napjingrae (納徵禮) was performed, on March 17th, Gogirae (告期禮) was
   performed, March 20th, Chaebirae (冊妃禮) was performed and March 21st, Chinyeongrae (親迎禮), was
   performed in the special palace while on March 22nd, the official acceptance greeting by government officials
   was performed in Injeongjeon.