Yeoheungbudae (wife) Min (1818 ~ January 1898) was a royal family member of the Joseon Dynasty, the mother of King Gojong, and she was a daughter of Min Chigu. She married Heungsondaewongun and with him, had two sons and one daughter. She was a Catholic from a young age and had read "Ilgwamun". In 1863, when her second son became king, she held a Catholic mass in Unhyeongung. In December 1863, she was invested with the title "Yeoheungbudae" (wife). In 1866, with her husband, Heungseondaewongun, were looking for a future queen for his son King Gojong and she recommended a daughter of Min Chirok, who was her uncle, and made her queen. Daewongun, considering the fact that Min Chirok's father died early, predicted that there would not be any future threat to the throne from his family - a view that was later radically changed by the adoption of a son by Min's brother, Min Gyeomho. Min was baptized a Catholic by the French bishop, Mutel, in October 1887, when the Korea-France agreement was completed and Catholicism was allowed. She tried to protect the Joseon Dynasty from Russia, who had the ambition to conquer the Korean peninsula. Through the aid of the French government, her connection with her friend the French bishop, Berneux, and Gojong's nanny, Park Marta. In the end, she failed and in 1907, she received the investiture of "Sunmokdaewonbi."