Meaning of Uihon (議婚)
    Uihon is when, before the two families decide on the marriage, a courtesy meeting takes place in preparation for Daerae.


Marriage Proposal and Acceptance of Marriage are part of a step for the man's household to send the Letter of Proposal for Marriage and in reply, the woman's household sends a Letter of Acceptance for Marriage.


Junghon, as a process of engagement, the man's side sends his thoughts of the woman as his wife to her side. The man sends a Saju letter which contains his date of birth.


The step of choosing the marriage date. The woman's side will choose a date and send the Nahpgi-suh (Marriage Date Confirmation Letter) to the man's side.


Nap-pae (納弊)
Nap-pae(納弊) is when the man's side sends the woman's side wedding gifts. Gifts such as silk and cloth materials will be placed in the wedding gift box before it is sent.