Wedding Cost (Total of 900,000 won)
   ㆍ Traditional Wedding Attire: Groom-Gwan Bok,
   Bride-Hwal Oat, Giruhgi Abum (Wild Goose Father)-
   ㆍChoryesang (Traditional Wedding Food Table)
   ㆍlarge and small wedding equipment rental &
   Supplies: Guestbook - Groom & Bride per 1 book,
   Pen, Corsage, Cotton Gloves, Candles, etc. 
   ㆍLabor costs: Curator, Butler, Bridesmaids, Staff  

Wedding Information
   ㆍ Traditional Sadaebuga Wedding Process
   ㆍ Procession will take place in Unhyeongung Norakdang Yard; in the event of rain, it will take place at
      Norakdang Great Hall
   ㆍ Duration of the wedding is 1 hr (Chinyoungrye-Greeting Ceremony, Pyebaek-Traditional Food Ceremony,
      Photography, etc.)

Wedding Day Preparation
   ㆍThe Groom and the Bride are required to arrive in their Hanbok Attire 1 hr prior on the Wedding Day
   ㆍ For the Bride, please make sure that the hairdo allows for a hairpin to be attached such as Jjokmeori and
      please wear Danghye shoes.
       - Footwear is not available for rental so please prepare accordingly.
   ㆍ Both the Mother of the Groom and the Mother of the Bride will be required to dress in Hanbok
   ㆍ 1 person for Gireok-abum, Groomsman (Attire will be provided)
   ㆍ Bride's older brother or younger brother (a person to welcome the Groom)
   ㆍ Cho-rong Dong-yi: Boy/Girl (6-8yr old) Hanbok Attire (Cho-rong Dong-yi can be omitted) 
      ※ Gireok-abum, Bride's older or younger brother, Cho-rong Dong-yi are required to arrive 1 hr prior to the
      wedding for instruction.

Preparation details for Parents of the Bride & Groom
   ㆍ Wedding Reception (Restaurant recommended), Photography/Video
   ㆍ Groom/Bride Makeup and food for Pyebaek
   ㆍ 3~5 days prior to the wedding, please confirm the wedding with the representative

  ※ Unhyeongung does not have parking facilities.
   ㆍ A consultation regarding a wedding appointment must be made in person before proceeding.
   ㆍ After the in-person consultation, a formal wedding appointment can be made.
   ㆍ Within 30 days of the date of the wedding and within 7 days, deposits must be submitted for the appointment.
      to be complete.
   ㆍ 30 days prior to the time of the wedding, the Deposit Date may change depending on the time of the wedding.
   ㆍ Deposits will not be refundable if cancellation is made within 60 day prior to the wedding.
   ㆍ Before the in-person consultation, only reservations for consultation appointments may be made (by phone).