Educational Goals
    To familiarize children and young adults with Daily
   Etiquette as well as Traditional Korean Etiquette,
   in order to promote courtesy for the next generation
   and inspire the excellence of traditional Korean
   culture and a pride of our heritage, thus finding our
   identity as a Korean.

Education Policy
    ㆍ We instruct students to practice basic daily etiquettes by which they will cultivate good manners.
    ㆍ Through our Traditional Etiquette, which carries the spirit of our ancestors, Koreans can take pride in
       their history.
    ㆍ We need to adopt good etiquette in daily modern life to become good members of society.

Target Student
    ㆍ Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, High School Students, Overseas Koreans, International Students and
       Multicultural Families

Class Schedule
    ㆍ Tuesday ~ Friday / 1 day (Completion on Date)

Class Location
    ㆍ Inside Uhyeon Palalce on Yirodang

Class Registration
    ㆍ Register throughout the year (Mondays are closed; registration will not be received on that day.)

Class costs
    ㆍ Traditional Etiquette Class - Per 1 Student 8,800 Won
    ㆍ Korean Traditional Instrument Experience and Etiquette Class - Per 1 Student 19,800 Won
    ㆍ More than 30 Students

Class Time
    ㆍ 10:30 AM ~ 2:00 PM (Adjustable)

  ※ The days on which Unhyeongung is closed, including Mondays and weekends, there will be no
     scheduled classes.